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[ENG] Term 1820 Timetabling Announcement
by Fadhullah Masri - Tuesday, 13 March 2018, 11:40 AM

Dear School Timetabling Admins,

Please be informed that Class Timetable (both Registration and Subject) can be uploaded to iNEIS™ prior to the commencement of Term 2 (2nd April 2018).

Subsequently, student enrollment into registration and subject classes should be completed by your respective School Student Registrar to enable class teachers to conduct necessary tasks such as capturing student’s attendance and assessment marks in iNEIS™.

The following serve as a checklist for timetabling, containing essentials to help you to start preparing your school for Term 2 (1820) in iNEIS™.

Uploading Registration and Subject Class Timetable for Term 1820

Role Required: School Timetabling Admin

All Schools are recommended to upload their Registration and Subject Class Timetable before 16th April 2018. This is to give more ample time for schools registrar to enroll students into respective classes. If there are any changes required to your existing Term 1 timetable, please make the necessary changes before uploading. For steps on how to modify your existing Term 1 timetable and how to upload into iNEIS™, please refer to the instructions which can be downloaded here. Please take note of the following Term start/end Date for Term 2 (1820) when exporting the .ETZ Timetable:

Term/Session Start Date End Date
1820/1 02/04/2018 06/09/2018


School Timetable Admins are also reminded to run the ‘Assign Extra Instructor - All’ process so that the School Student Registrar will be able to access and generate the Attendance Roster for the classes.

Schools MUST email a completed copy of their timetable (.ETZ) file to us for backup purposes. The email format should be as follows:

Email To:,

Email subject Title: iNEIS Term 1820 Timetable – (School code) (School name)

Example: iNEIS Term 1820 Timetable -1006 SR Pusar Ulak

Naming convention for .ETZ file name: iNEIS_ (Acad Career) _ (School Code) _ (School Name) _ (Term)

Example: iNEIS_PRIM_1006_SR Pusar Ulak_1820

Please be advised that not uploading the school timetable will cause delays in student enrollment, attendance and assessment marks entry. Please note that capturing attendance and assessment is highly dependent on timetabling and enrollment. If timetabling and enrollment are not completed, teachers in your school will not be able to capture student attendance and enter marks for student assessment in the system for Term 2 (1820).

It is important for the School Timetabling Admin to inform and liaise with the School Student Registrar to ensure that their timetable has been uploaded successfully so they can begin enrolling students into their respective classes.

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact iNEIS Helpdesk team at Tel No: +673-2230635 or Email:

Thank you for your attention on this matter.

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