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[ENG] Term 1930 Timetabling Announcement
by suryafi emran - Thursday, 25 July 2019, 3:51 PM

Attention Timetable Admins,

In preparations for Academic Year 2019, a gentle reminder that you are to start drafting your respective School Timetable using the EDVAL software.

As usual, your school timetable will require you to create Registration and Subject classes. We have created this guide to assist you with creating the registration and subject classes for the following Academic Year.

1.     Registration Classes

Creating Registration Classes refers to the process of:

  • Defining the times for registration classes.
  • Defining the Classrooms for registration classes.
  • Defining the number of registration classes for each Academic level.
  • Identifying the respective class teachers

For steps on how to create registration classes, please refer to the file here under Section 5.4 Registration Classes

Subsequently, you are required to fill in a file called iNEIS TT Class Section Mapping v0.1.xls. and provide it to your respective School Student Registrar so they can proceed to enroll students into their respective classes. This is to minimize data issues such as wrong class enrollment. The file can be downloaded here.

2.     Completion of Subject Timetable for Academic Year 2019

Creating subject classes refers to the process of:

  • Defining the times for subject classes.
  • Defining the Classrooms for subject classes.
  • Defining the number of subject classes for each Academic level.
  • Arranging teachers’ teaching schedule.
  • Identifying the respective teacher’s teaching work-load.
  • Identifying the subject teachers of respective subject classes.
  • Identifying Combined/Optional/Team-Teaching classes in their school.

To create and schedule Subject Classes, please click here and refer to section Timetabling Activity for comprehensive and detailed instructions and slides. Please take note of the following Term start/end Date for Term 3 (1930) when exporting the .ETZ Timetable:


Start Date

End Date

1930/1 16/09/2019 30/11/2019

As understood, the final draft of a school’s subject timetable is subject to other variables such as principal’s final approval, Teacher transfers, new teachers etc. however, we would like to encourage school timetable admins to proceed with drafting their school timetable first as the EDVAL software is responsive enough to accommodate further changes if required.

In case where Timetable are uploaded with inaccurate details, re-upload are always possible within the term. The re-upload process will still retain the class number and update any scheduling information that you have changed. Thus, this will have no impact to students that have enrolled into the classes.

Upon completion of both the registration and subject Timetables, kindly provide your .etz file to iNEIS helpdesk team for backup purposes.

Files can be sent to the following:

  • Email To:
  • Email subject Title: iNEIS: (School Code)_Registration Class Details_1930
    For example: iNEIS_1006_Registration Class Details_1930
  • File Naming Convention: iNEIS_(School Code)_Registration Class Details_1930.xls

Important Note: For schools experiencing issues with not being able to open the ETZ files, please refer to the instructions here on reactivating your ETZ file. Please follow the steps as listed accordingly as soon as you discover this error.

Please be advised that not uploading the school timetable will cause delays in student enrollment, attendance and assessment marks entry. Please note that capturing attendance and assessment is highly dependent on timetabling and enrollment. If timetabling and enrollment are not completed, teachers in your school will not be able to capture student for Term 3 (1930).

It is important for the School Timetabling Admin to inform and liaise with the School Student Registrar to ensure that their timetable has been uploaded successfully so they can begin enrolling students into their respective classes.

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact iNEIS Helpdesk team at Tel No: +673-2230635 or Email:

Thank you for your kind attention on this matter

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