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[ENG] Academic Year 2019 iNEIS Committee Schools and User Role Matrix Update
by Fadhullah Masri - Thursday, 31 October 2019, 5:14 PM

Attention iNEIS Users, 

Please be informed that for the following academic year, schools are advised to review and update the following:

  1. iNEISTM Committee Structure
  2. User-Role Matrix

1. iNEIS Committee Structure

iNEISTM involves a number of user-roles and the amount of users assigned to each user-role would vary depending on the school’s Academic Career (Pre-school/Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form).

Since all iNEIS modules are integrated, it is recommended that committees be formed accordingly in schools to ensure: 

  • Workloads are balanced
  • The necessary personnel are assigned their respective user roles
  • There is communication between committees within the school
  • Efficient and effective use of iNEIS™

We have created a standardized table for you to use as a reference or “Recommended iNEIS™ Committee structure” based on best practices of schools to assist you with operating iNEISTM more efficiently.

The recommended iNEIS™ Committee Structure can be downloaded HERE.

The iNEISTM Committee Structure defines the following:

  • The different types of committees
  • The modules, user roles and Tasks covered in each respective committee
  • The Optimal number of personnel required for each committee based on Academic Career (Pre-school/Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form).

Please Note:

  • Schools may allocate more teachers than the numbers suggested in the iNEIS™ Committee Structure file.
  • The iNEIS Committee structure may not apply to certain schools due to their size. As such, it is possible to designate multiple user roles to an individual.

2. User-role Matrix  

Once you have identified the necessary teachers and designated them to their respective committees, you will then need to ensure that they are all assigned the necessary user-roles in the system. Details of how to assign the necessary user roles to teachers are as per below.

  1. Please take note that the User-role matrix file with current role will be distributed by JSS. You can find the sample of the User-role matrix HERE.
  • Certain user-roles provide access to different functions. For more information on user-roles and functions, please refer HERE
  • If unsure, you can identify your currently assigned “active” user-role by using query “MOE_USER_ROLES”.
  1. Once the relevant teachers and their designated user roles have been identified, please proceed to fill up the User-Role Matrix along with the necessary information and the steps on updating the file are as follows: 
  • Put a tick and update cell color as "Green" for new roles added. 
  • Update cell color as "Red" for roles to be removed. 
  • Update “Remarks from School” column for the teacher if applicable for e.g. Transfer to SR Binturan as of 01/01/2020 or Retired as of 01/12/2019
  1. Once completed, please email the updated user-role matrix to Helpdesk with the following details:  


Email To:

Subject Title: iNEIS: Cluster #_School Code _URM_2020

e.g. – iNEIS: Cluster 1_1005_URM_2020

File Naming Convention: Cluster #_School Code_URM_2020

e.g. – Cluster 1_1005_URM_2020


Kindly email your updated user-role matrix no later than 30th November 2019. Thank you for your attention on this matter.


For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact iNEIS™ Helpdesk team at

Tel No: +673-2230635 or

Email: or visit our website


Thank you for your attention on this matter.

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