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Term 2 Helpdesk Support Session for Student Movement and Enrollment
by Jeslyn Hii - Saturday, 5 March 2016, 4:25 PM

Attention School Registrars,

Please be informed that we will be conducting a hands-on session to assist schools in resolving School issues and prepare for Term 2.

Please refer toAppendix B for list of schools that are invited and compulsory to attend the session at Helpdesk for the schedule and time.

For schools that are not in the list as mentioned above, please also take note that this session is not compulsory for your schools. However, you are still welcome to attend but prior to booking appointment 2 days in advance.





Brunei-Muara/ Temburong/ Belait / Tutong Schools


29th Feb – 17th march

(Except for 9th March and 14th March)

8:00 AM – 12:00PM & 1:30PM - 4:30 PM


JSS Helpdesk


To book your appointment for the sessions, please contact Helpdesk:

Telephone: +6732 230635

Working hour:
Monday to Thursday & Saturday
7:45 AM – 12:15Pm
1:30 PM – 4:30 PM


With term 2 commencing on 4th April 2016, there are several activities that Schools will be required to perform to get ready for the upcoming term.

The sequence of activities that schools need to perform are as follows:

  1. Transfer Students
  2. Withdraw Students
  3. Upload and Verify Registration Class, Subject Class and CCA Timetable for Term 2
  4. Term Activate Students
  5. Update Student Block
  6. Create Class Blocks
  7. Merge Block
  8. Verify Class Roster

In order to complete the above activities, a number of roles will be involved. Roles include:

  • Student Registrar (Items 1-2, 4-8)
  • Timetabling Admin, School CCA Head (item 3)

Schools that know the steps for Term 2 preparation may proceed with their work however they are required to contact Helpdesk members once they have completed all their activities such as transfer student, withdraw student and student enrolment as a checkpoint. Schools that require assistance for Term 2 preparation are to contact Helpdesk and make appointment in advance.

For more information on Term 2 preparation, please refer to here.

Schools should only send a maximum of two (2) representatives with role of School Registrars to attend the sessions.

School Registrars are required to prepare and bring the following information to the session in order to perform the activities:

  • List of student transfer with their Student ID, Name, Date of Transfer and Requested School
  • List of student withdrawal with their Student ID, Name and Date of Withdrawal
  • Updated list of students with their Student IDs for each class section
  • List of subjects taken for each student (For Secondary & Sixth Form)

The agenda for the session is as follows:

  • Resolve School Issues
    • Student not Enrolled
    • Student Enrolled into Wrong Campus
    • Student in Wrong Level
    • Student with no Citizenship
    • Student with Wrong Citizenship
    • Student Enrolment for Term 1

For more updates on the upcoming Academic Year, please visit the iNEIS™ Portal.

Thank you very much for your kind attention on this matter.

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