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Checking Attendance in Your School
by Jeslyn Hii - Tuesday, 16 February 2016, 9:39 AM

Which Class has not taken Attendance, for which day, in my school? As School Leaders, you might want to know how to monitor Attendance taking in iNEIS.  Checking one-by-one with Class Teacher will take long time.

Here is a good tool for you to use - Query MOE_UNMRKD_ATTEND.

If you have Registrar, Deputy Principal or Principal role, you can run this query.

How to run this query?

1. Login to iNEIS and go to menu: Reporting Tools > Query Manager > Query Viewer

2. Enter query name in the page (i.e. MOE_UNMRKD_ATTEND) and click search button.

3. Then click on HTML link at the Search Result row.

4. At parameter page, enter the followings:

    a. Institution: MOE01

    b. Campus: <your campus code>; Click on magnifying glass to find your campus.

    c. Subject: YEAR

    d. Year of Study: %

    e. Class: %

5. Click View Result.

There you go. You will see all classes whose attendance have not been taken for certain date(s). You can ask respective class teacher to take the attendance.

As usual, if you have problems, please contact Helpdesk at +673-2230635 or

Note: In parameter screen putting % means all data (i.e. wildcard).

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