[ENG] Term 2030 Timetable and Student Enrollment Rollover

Attention to all School Timetable Admin and School Registrars,

We are pleased to inform you that Jabatan Sekolah-Sekolah has taken the initiative to AUTOMATE the transition process from Term 2020 to Term 2030. As a pre-requisite for this process, schools timetable admins are required to complete the Timetable upload before 10th September. Should you require assistance in uploading timetable, kindly send the ETZ Term 2020 file to Helpdesk Team via e-mail at ineis@moe.gov.bn.

Subsequently, the Term Enrollment Rollover feature for Term 2030 should begin as soon as your school timetable is uploaded. To further ease the school administrative workload, iNEIS™ Helpdesk team has taken the initiative to run the process for schools provided that school has their Term 2030 timetable uploaded and school registrar resolved the following issues:

  1. All issues relating to Student Movement (Transfer, and Withdrawal)
  2. No enrollment issues from Term 2020 i.e. Classes Not Enrolled, Students Not Enrolled, Student with Wrong Level/Enrolment, and Student Enrolled to Wrong Campus.

Note: Schools may be contacted for verification of the issues above during this period.

Please refer here to check on the progress of your school for both Timetable and Enrollment Rollover. The list will be updated by the end of every Monday and Thursday until ALL schools have completed the activity.

The memorandum to this matter is available here.

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact iNEIS™ Helpdesk team at

Tel No: +673-2230635, or
Email: ineis@moe.gov.bn, or
visit our website http://help.ineis.moe.gov.bn

Thank you for your attention to this matter.