Term Enrollment Rollover Feature

Term Enrollment Rollover Feature

Attention to all School Registrars,

With reference to the recent announcement on the Term Enrolment Rollover feature, please find below our frequently asked questions regarding the Term enrolment rollover feature.

1. What is the Term Enrollment Rollover feature?
The Term Enrollment Rollover is a feature that copies over Enrolment information such as existing class section names and list of students from the previous term to the new term without having to do the following:

  • Update Student Blocks
  • Create new Class Blocks
  • Merge Student Blocks and Class Blocks

2. How can my school use the Term Enrollment Rollover feature effectively?

  1. All Student Movement issues (Transfer, and Withdrawal) have been resolved.
  2. No enrollment issues from Term 2020 i.e. Classes Not Enrolled, Students Not Enrolled, Student with Wrong Level/Enrollment, and Student Enrolled to Wrong Campus.

*Please take note that schools are required to upload Term 2030 Timetable no later than 10th September 2020.

3. Have my school completed Term 2030 Enrollment Rollover?

Please refer below to find out the status of your school’s Timetable and Enrollment Rollover for Term 2030:

CodeSchool NameClusterTimetable StatusEnrollment Rollover Status
1002SR Haji TarifCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1003SR Pehin Dato JamilCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1005SR Pintu MalimCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1006SR Pusar UlakCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1007SR Raja Isteri FatimahCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1008SR PAPB Sungai KebunCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1009SR Sungai SiamasCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1010SR Saba DaratCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1011SR Bendahara LamaCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1012SR MabohaiCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1013SR Amar PahlawanCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1014SR Anggerek DesaCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1015SR Dato BasirCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1016SR Berakas GarisonCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1017SR PulaieCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1018SR Pantai Berakas ABDBCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1019SR Dato MarsalCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1020SR Dato OthmanCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1021SR Lambak Kanan Jalan 49Cluster 3CompletedCompleted
1022SR Lambak Kanan Jalan 10Cluster 3CompletedCompleted
1023SR Datu Mahawangsa LambakCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1024SR Delima SatuCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1025SR Haji Mohd Salleh Sungai HanchingCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1026SR Tanah JambuCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1027SR Orang Kaya Besar Imas SubokCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1028SR Angkatan Tentera LautCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1029SR SerasaCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1030SR Batu MarangCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1031SR Sultan Umar Ali SaifuddienCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1032SR Dato Mohd YassinCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1033SR Sultan Abdul Bubin Sungai BesarCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1034SR Tanjong KindanaCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1035SR KapokCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1036SR MentiriCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1037SR Bendahara Sakam BunutCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1038SR Haji Mohd Jaafar Maun KiulapCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1039SR Beribi TelanaiCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1040SR Kg Mata-MataCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1041SR Orang Kaya Setia Bakti KilanasCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1042SR Datu Ratna Haji Muhammad Jaafar, KiarongCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1043SR Pengiran Pekerma Setia Diraja Sahibul BandarCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1044SR TungkuCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1045SR Rimba ICluster 4CompletedCompleted
1046SR Rimba IICluster 4CompletedCompleted
1047SR Katok ‘A’Cluster 1CompletedCompleted
1048SR Awang Hj Mohd Yusof, KatimaharCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1049SR JerudongCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1050SR MulautCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1051SR SengkurongCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1052SR BengkurongCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1053SR BebulohCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1054SR JunjonganCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1055SR KasatCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1056SR LumapasCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1057SR MasinCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1058SR Nakhoda Abdul Rashid MenunggolCluster 3CompletedCompleted 
1059SR Panchor MuraiCluster 2CompletedCompleted 
1060SR Pengkalan BatuCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1061SR Panglima Barudin Limau ManisCluster 2CompletedCompleted
1062SR PutatCluster 3CompletedCompleted
1063SR BakiauCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1064SR Batang MitusCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1065SR BirauCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1066SR Kampong MenengahCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1067SR Bukit PanggalCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1068SR KeriamCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1069SR KiudangCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1070SR LamuninCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1071SR Muda HashimCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1072SR Orang Kaya Ali Wanika Setia Diraja KupangCluster 4CompletedCompleted
1073SR PenanjongCluster 5CompletedCompleted 
1074SR Pengiran Dipa Negara Pengiran Jaya SengkaraiCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1075SR Pengiran Muda MahkotaCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1076SR SinautCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1077SR Tutong KemCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1078SR BinturanCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1079SR Abdul Rashid Tanjong MayaCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1080SR BenutanCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1081SR Bukit UdalCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1082SR DanauCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1083SR Dato Pemancha Saging UkongCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1084SR Kampong BukitCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1086SR Lubok PulauCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1087SR PanchongCluster 5CompletedCompleted 
1088SR PenaparCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1089SR Pengiran Kesuma Negara Bukit BeruangCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1090SR RambaiCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1091SR Tumpuan TelisaiCluster 5CompletedCompleted
1092SR Perpindahan Kampong Bukit Beruang IICluster 5CompletedCompleted
1093SR AmoCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1095SR Labu EstateCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1096SR NegalangCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1098SR PuniCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1099SR SemabatCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1100SR SelaponCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1101SR Sultan Hashim Batu ApoiCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1102SR Sultan Hassan BangarCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1103SR SelanganCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1104SR RataieCluster 1CompletedCompleted
1105SR Ahmad TajuddinCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1106SR Kuala BelaitCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1107SR Pengiran Setia Jaya Pengiran Abdul MominCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1108SR Muhammad ‘AlamCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1109SR LabiCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1110SR LumutCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1111SR MerangkingCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1112SR Orang Kaya Pemancha Berandai Bukit SawatCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1113SR PanagaCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1114SR Sungai LiangCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1115SR Sungai TerabanCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1116SR Dato Maharaja Setia Dian SukangCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1117SR MelilasCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1118SR Pengiran Setia Negara Pengiran Mohd YusofCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1119SR Sungai Tali Lumut IICluster 6CompletedCompleted
1120SR Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Omar Ali SaifuddienCluster 6CompletedCompleted
1121SR Katok ‘B’Cluster 1CompletedCompleted
1122SR Rimba IIICluster 4CompletedCompleted
3001Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan SultanCluster 3CompletedCompleted
3002Maktab Sultan Omar Ali SaifuddienCluster 1CompletedCompleted
3003Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Raja IsteriCluster 1CompletedCompleted
3004SM Sultan Muhammad Jamalul AlamCluster 2CompletedCompleted 
3005SM MenglaitCluster 1CompletedCompleted
3006SM Sultan Hassan, BangarCluster 1CompletedCompleted
3007SM BerakasCluster 3Incomplete 
3008SM Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah MasnaCluster 3CompletedCompleted
3009SM Sayyidina Abu BakarCluster 3CompletedCompleted
3010SM Lambak KiriCluster 3CompletedCompleted
3011SM Pengiran Isteri Hajah Mariam SerasaCluster 4CompletedCompleted
3012SM Sultan Sharif AliCluster 4CompletedCompleted
3013SM Pehin Datu Seri Maharaja MentiriCluster 4CompletedCompleted
3014SM Sayyidina Umar Al-KhattabCluster 3CompletedCompleted
3015SM Sayyidina HasanCluster 2CompletedCompleted
3016SM MasinCluster 2CompletedCompleted
3017SM RimbaCluster 4CompletedCompleted
3018SM Awang SemaunCluster 2CompletedCompleted
3019SM Sayyidina HusainCluster 2CompletedCompleted
3020SM Rimba IICluster 4CompletedCompleted
3021SM KatokCluster 1CompletedCompleted
3022SM Sufri BolkiahCluster 5CompletedCompleted
3023SM Muda HashimCluster 5CompletedCompleted
3024SM Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak SalehaCluster 4CompletedCompleted
3025SM Sayyidina OthmanCluster 5CompletedCompleted
3026SM Tanjong MayaCluster 5CompletedCompleted
3027Maktab Anthony AbellCluster 6CompletedCompleted
3028SM Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Rashidah Sa’adatul BolkiahCluster 6CompletedCompleted
3029SM Perdana WazirCluster 6CompletedCompleted
3030SM Pengiran Jaya Negara Pengiran Haji Abu BakarCluster 6CompletedCompleted
3031SM Sayyidina AliCluster 6CompletedCompleted
4001Sekolah SukanCluster 3CompletedCompleted
5001Maktab Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee BillahCluster 1CompletedCompleted
5002Pusat Tingkatan Enam MeragangCluster 4CompletedCompleted
5003Pusat Tingkatan Enam TutongCluster 5CompletedCompleted
5004Pusat Tingkatan Enam SengkurongCluster 2CompletedCompleted
5005Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan SultanCluster 3CompletedCompleted
5006SM Sayyidina AliCluster 6CompletedCompleted

4. What do I need to do if my school have new class(es) for Term 2030?
School Registrars will need to update/create Student Block, create Class Block and merge both Student and Class Blocks together for the new class(es).

5. How can I find out if my school is ready for Term 2030?
iNEIS™ Helpdesk team will contact schools to verify their enrollment for Term 2030 via Class Roster and Student Enrollment Status query (MOE_ENRL_STATUS) to ensure all students are enrolled into the correct classes.

6. Do I need to generate the Attendance Roster for Term 2030?
No. iNEIS™ Helpdesk team will generate the Attendance Roster for schools once the Enrollment Term Rollover has completed.

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact iNEIS™ Helpdesk team at Tel No: +673-2230635, or
Email: ineis@moe.gov.bn, or visit our website http://help.ineis.moe.gov.bn.

Thank you for your attention on this matter.