What is iNEIS™?

About iNEIS™

The purpose of INEIS™ is to streamline and transform the Ministry of Education business processes to support its current needs to implement, monitor and measure SPN 21. The INEIS™ project has a further responsibility to provide an application and technology platform to cater for future needs of the Ministry of Education of Brunei Darussalam. The rapid growth of student enrolment and significant change in operational processes required to comply with SPN21 has resulted in the need for INEIS™ by the ministry.

INEIS™ will be designed to provide the platform for harmonized and streamlined business processes and the flexibility to meet future operational processes, business needs and integration needs. With the implementation of INEIS™, the ministry aims to significantly improve operational efficiency and productivity, and provide better services, value and “holistic education” to students. The services offered by the INEIS™ will be aligned with the i-Services pathways from the e-Hijrah initiative.


  • Track individual student progress in SPN21 outcomes
  • Reduce administrative load on teachers
  • Improve data quality
  • To transform organizations to be more transparent, efficient and accountable
  • To support measure, optimize and sustain the implementation of SPN21

iNEIS™ covers 24 processes required in day-to-day school operations:

  • Manage Student Recruitment
  • Manage Student Admission
  • Manage Attendance
  • Manage Assessment
  • Manage Examinations
  • Manage Student Progression
  • School Management
  • Manage Academic Operation
  • Manage Transfer Students
  • Manage Withdrawal
  • Manage Deferment
  • Manage Student Allowances
  • Manage Teacher and Student Records
  • Manage Student Discipline
  • Manage Clearance
  • Manage School Resources : Scheduling & Timetable.
  • Manage Curriculum Materials (Hardcopy)
  • Manage Student Pass
  • Manage Invoice (Billing)
  • Manage Collection
  • Manage Awards
  • Manage Co-curricular Activities (CCA)
  • Manage Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Statistics and Reporting

The system is expected go live by January 2015 for Phase 1, and March 2015 for Phase 2. The system will cover the relevant Sections and Departments of the Ministry of Education and a total of 161 Government schools under the Ministry of Education including Primary, Secondary and 6th form education institutions.