Annual Activity

NoModuleContentInstructionsSlidesTemplatesLast Update
1Manage AssessmentStudent Assessment01/01/2020
2Manage AttendanceStudent Attendance01/01/2020
3Manage Awards
4Manage ClearanceStudent Clearance01/01/2020
Graduation Clearance01/01/2020
5Manage Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)CCA Timetable16/04/2019
CCA Enrollment16/04/2019
6Manage Collection Student Collection 21/12/2017
7Manage Curriculum Materials
8Manage Deferment Student Deferment 01/01/2020
9Manage Examinations
10Manage Billing (Invoice) Student Billing (Invoice) 21/12/2017
11Manage Scholarship and Bursaries
12New Student Upload New Student Upload 01/01/2020
Student Enrollment 01/01/2020
Student Enrollment Rollover 01/01/2020
13Manage Student Allowance Student Allowance 21/12/2017
14Manage Student Pass
15Manage Student Progression Student Progression 01/01/2020
Student Track Allocation 01/01/2020
SAPYR9 Progression 01/01/2020
16Manage School Resources: Scheduling & Timetabling Part A: Create and Manage Timetable in Edval 14/11/2018
Part B: Upload and Verify Timetable into iNEIS 14/11/2018
17Manage Teacher and Student Records Verify Teacher Information 19/12/2017
18Manage Transfer Students Student Transfer 01/01/2020
19Manage Withdrawal Student Withdrawal 01/01/2020