iNEIS™ Manage Attendance Mobile App FAQ

1. Why can’t I login to the Mobile Application?

  • To log into your account, please fill in the User ID field with your IC Number (without dash) and your password. Please be informed that the iNEIS™ Manage Attendance Mobile App is only accessible by registered users of iNEIS™.

2. What is the difference between ‘Today’s Attendance’ and ‘Current Term Attendance’ buttons?

  • The ‘Today’s Attendance’ button will bring you to the attendance roster of your selected class section for today’s date if it is available. The ‘Current Term Attendance’ button will allow you to access the attendance roster of the class sections you are assigned to for any dates within the current active term.

3. Why can’t I mark the attendance for the previous terms on iNEIS™ Manage Attendance Mobile App?

  • This Mobile App only caters for capturing data in the current active term. To update attendance markings for previous terms, kindly use the desktop version of iNEIS™. Please note that only registrars are allowed to update student attendance for previous terms.

4. Why are some of my classes missing?

  • Please check with your School Timetabling Admin if you have been assigned to the specific class as either a Primary Instructor, Class Teacher or Subject Teacher.

5. Why am I not able to edit the attendance details for certain students?

  • You will not be able to mark the attendance for students which have been Transferred (TF), Withdrawn (WD), Deferred (DF) and Discontinued (DIS).

6. How do I mark attendance for the whole class without saving attendance for student one by one?

  • You may mark the attendance for the whole class by using ‘Save All’ button on the student list screen if all the students are present for that day. Otherwise, you may use the ‘Save All’ to mark all the students as ‘Present’ by default, then go into the individual student attendance detail to mark for the absentees.

7. What does all the Attendance Status icons mean?

  • Green Tick icon = ‘Present’
  • Red Cross icon = ‘Absent’
  • Green Clock with Tick icon = ‘Late but Present’
  • Red Clock with Cross icon = ‘Late and Absent’

8. Why are the attendance statistics of my student inaccurate even though I have updated the student attendance via the mobile app?

  • Please be informed that the student attendance statistics will only be updated when the Attendance Statistics Calculation process is run every Saturday night. If you wish to see the updated statistic immediately, kindly contact your School Student Registrar to manually run the Attendance Statistics Calculation process.

9. How can I tell if the attendance roster for a specific class has already been marked/updated?

  • If the attendance roster has been marked, you will see the name of the last person who updated the attendance and latest update timestamp on top of the student list screen.

10. Can the Subject Teachers access the attendance roster?

  • Yes, if the Subject Teacher is teaching a specific class, he/she is allowed to access the attendance roster. However, he/she will only be able to enter information under the Remarks (Subject Teacher) field.

11. Why are the subject classes missing?

  • The Mobile App is currently only catered to capturing attendance for Registration (YEAR) classes.

12. How do I logout?

  • You will find the logout button by swiping to the left or clicking on the Menu button located on the top right corner to access the side menu.

13. What are the other useful features that can be accessible from the side menu?

  • You can also access the Tutorial section for an image tutorial that walks you through the app, as well as the Contact section that contains useful contacts and links.

Last modified: Tuesday, 6 March 2018, 2:46 PM