iNEIS™ Committee in Schools

Dear all,

iNEISTM involves a number of user-roles and the amount of users assigned to each user-role would vary depending on the Academic Level.  

Since all modules are integrated, it is recommended that committees be formed accordingly to ensure: 

  • Workloads are balanced
  • The necessary personnel are assigned their respective user roles
  • There is communication between committees within the school
  • Efficient use of iNEIS™

We have created a standardized table for you to use as a reference or “Recommended iNEIS™ Committee structure” based on best practices of schools to assist you with operating iNEISTM more efficiently.

The recommended iNEIS™ Committee Structure can be downloaded here.

The iNEIS Committee Structure defines the following:

  • The different types of committees
  • The modules, user roles and Tasks covered in each respective committee
  • The optimal number of personnel required for each committee based on Academic Level (Pre-school/Primary level, Secondary and Sixth Form level).

Do take note that Schools can allocate more personnel than the numbers suggested in the PDF file. For more information on assigning user roles, please refer here.

Thank you for your attention on this matter.