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[ENG] Term 2010 Enrollment Support Session Announcement
by suryafi emran - Saturday, 11 January 2020, 10:49 AM

Dear School Registrars,

In preparation for the Academic Year 2020, please be informed that support session will be held to assist with Student Progression, Student Graduation, Student Movement, and Student Enrollment activities. Schools should only send a maximum of two (2) representatives which have the School Registrar user role. Memorandum on this matter can be downloaded here.

The support sessions will be scheduled from 14th January to 4th February 2020 and will be conducted in the afternoon. To find out the schedule and venue for your respective school, please click here.

Please note that this session is not compulsory for your schools. However, you are still required to complete the activities at your own time. If you are unable to attend on your scheduled date, you may contact iNEIS Helpdesk team to schedule an appointment.

The agenda for the session are as follow:

  1. Students Enrollment
  2. Student Progression
    1. Progression
    2. Streaming
    3. SAP Year 9
  3. Student Graduation
    1. Clearance
    2. Graduation
  4. Student Movement
    1. Transfer
    2. Withdrawal

To fully benefit from the support sessions, we urge School Registrars to bring the following:

  • Class list with student ID.
  • List of Graduating students with their student ID.
  • List of Transferring students with their student ID, name, date of transfer and requested school.
  • List of Withdrawing students with their student ID, name and date of withdrawal.
  • List of Retaining students with their student ID and name.
  • List of Students from year 8 with their new program for year 9.
    • Schools can download the list of year 8 students from the Query Viewer using MOE_PR_SECS or MOE_PR_SPRT.
  • Do take note to progress students “manually” for students who do not meet the attendance percentage requirement of 85%.           

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact iNEIS™ Helpdesk team at

Tel No: +673-2230635 or

Email: or visit our website

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